A New Challenger of the Day: Freddie Wong does the Harlem Shake

The 2012 Beer List

Since 2009 I’ve kept a running tab of beers I try. These are beers I tried for the first time and are not repeated for subsequent consumption. My favorites from 2012 are the Dogfish Head Festina Peche and the Bocker cuvée des jacobins rogue.

Managed to try nothing new :\

Brooklyn cuvée noire
Founders sentinel ipa

Troges - independent
Sam Adams - Irish red

Bear republic - rebellion (delta)
Bacchus Flemish red
Midnight sun sock eye IPA
Kelso sour quad
Dogfish head - 90 min ipa

Rogue ales captain digs red ipa
Rogue ales dry hop read
Rogue northwestern ale

Dogfish head - festina peche
Smutty nose - finest kind IPA
Liefmans our bruin
Hell or high watermelon
Dj rockers - son of a peach

Bocker cuvée des jacobins rogue
Troegs - perpetually

Samual Adams - octoberfest
Captain Lawrence - liquid gold
Samual Adams - harvest pumpkin lale

Southern tier pumking
Perennial saison de lis
Victory - featbier

Captain Laurence - pumpkin
Mckenzies special reserve cider
Samuel Adam - winter lager

Rodenbach vintage ale 08

Nectar ales - red nectar
Troegs - mad elf ale
Dogfish head - sha’tea
Firestone walker Union Jack ipa

Chat Roulette never fails to amaze me. I predict this will go viral. You saw it bere first (although I stole it from Jess Agi).

(7k views right now. I predict 1M by the end of the weekend.)

How to be a successful tech recruiter: read the resume and proofread


In a given day I receive at least one recruitment email. Sometimes more, lots more. I’m generally very cordial to recruiters. I know they are just doing there job. Usually I’ll be pleasant and write back a short note telling them that I’m not considering new opportunities. I honestly believe that…


Flatpole Sitta - Connected Ventures

This was a little more than 5 years ago. Many of the people in this video went on to do amazing things.

This brings back some memories.

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